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Randal Menard — dedicated to making oil field polluters pay for the environmental and personal damage they cause in Lafayette and surrounding areas.

In Louisiana, oil has been causing damage for many years. Due to bad maintenance or negligence, the groundwater and properties that you live on may be contaminated with poisonous substances caused by oil field pollution or accidents.

Some chemicals may have moved through the ground or groundwater to Louisiana properties that are relatively far away from actual oil fields. As Louisiana residents committed to public service, we at Randal L. Menard, A Law Corporation have a personal drive to make polluters pay for the damage they cause our fellow Louisiana citizens.


If you own your property in Louisiana, you generally also own the land below and the air above it. If oil field pollution has contaminated or damaged your land or its water sources — or if you have been injured due to such pollution — you can file a "Corbello" or personal injury claim. A Corbello case is a case filed against (former) polluters who lease land and use it as an oil field, causing pollution to the property or the groundwater below it, and do not reasonably restore it after their use or lease ends. Although the state legislature has tried to limit cases in which an individual can receive compensation and tries to divert compensation for oil field pollution into programs to clean up the pollution, the issues surrounding this kind of litigation and the new legislation have not been resolved. It seems that in certain cases, there is room left for individual victims to file personal injury or property damage claims.
Due to the complexity and the recent legal changes in these cases, it is very important to speak to an experienced and candid litigation attorney like Randal Menard. In order to prove oil field pollution, extensive tests and research must be done and experts willing and able to testify must be found. We have the knowledge and the drive to tackle oil field pollution cases. As local Louisiana residents, we share your environmental concerns and want our state to be pollution-free.

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