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If you pass away without a properly executed will, you will pass away intestate, meaning that the general Louisiana inheritance law determines how your estate will be divided. If you want to prevent this, it is important to contact an experienced lawyer to assist you in the creation of a legally sound will. Because Louisiana wills and successions laws are very different from such laws in other states, a local experienced Lafayette lawyer, like Randal Menard, can assist you successfully in getting your estate in order.

Aspects of preparing a legally sound will

It is important that your will is clear and executed in accordance with Louisiana law. This helps to prevent insecurity and strife in your family over your wishes after you have passed away and to protect your wishes during the succession process.

Generally, to properly execute a will, you must put the will in writing and date it.

If you can read and sign the will, you must:

  Declare or signify that this is your will.
  Sign your name at the end of the will and on each page.
 Do the above in the presence of a notary and two witnesses (special rules apply to "interested witnesses").
  Have the notary and the witnesses declare and sign that you have done all the above in their presence, and be sure they include the date in this declaration.

Louisiana law has no age or statutory mental competence requirement. Special rules apply to who may witness your will, and special provisions apply if someone cannot read or sign the will.

Why you should contact a law firm to execute your will?

Due to the complexities of creating a valid will and the specific requirements of Louisiana law, you should make use of the help of an experienced Lafayette, Louisiana law firm like Randal L. Menard, A Law Corporation to make it easier for your loved ones to follow your wishes after you pass away.


You will want to have an experienced lawyer by your side during the complex succession process

Under Louisiana law, a court proceeding called succession is usually required to distribute someone's assets, whether a will was executed or not. If your loved one properly executed a will, the estate is distributed according to their wishes; otherwise, it is divided in accordance with Louisiana intestate law.

Whether your loved one has left behind a will or not, it is important to get sound, cost-effective legal advice from a estate lawyer like Randal Menard to know what you are entitled to in this difficult time.

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